DIY Activity of the Month - Potato Stamps

DIY Activity of the Month - Potato Stamps

At Strathpine Early Learning, our team is always thinking about fun and simple DIY activities which can entertain your child and expand their learning and creativity at the same time.

Old potatoes can be used to create potato stamps and is also a great way to practice colours and shapes at home. 


All you’ll need for this art and craft is:

  • 2 or 3 medium-sized potatoes
  • Sharp knife for cutting shapes
  • Paper
  • Paint in assorted colours
  • Paint palette



  1. Cut your potatoes in half. Using your knife, cut simple shapes (e.g. triangle, circle, square, heart) into the flat side of the potato halves.
  2. Put your various paint colours on your paint palette.
  3. Press the potato shape stamp into your desired colour paint, like you would press a stamp onto an ink pad.
  4. Once your potato shape is covered in ink, firmly press the potato shape onto the paper.
  5. Your child can create stamp paintings, wrapping paper, or cards, the only limitation is their imagination.


Maybe they'll create a field of flowers or a scene under the ocean? With lots of shapes and colours, they'll be engaged for ages. Get involved with them and do your own masterpiece, it will create a more positive time for their creativity, and you’ll be having some fun too! Don’t be afraid for things to get messy in the fun, just enjoy the creativity!

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