Safe Hygiene Practices for Children

Practice Safe Hygiene Methods for Children

At Strathpine Early Learning Centre, we want to reassure our families that we remain open during the COVID-19 outbreak, and continue to operate our Centre with the children’s health and safety as our first priority. Our lovely Educators and Teachers continue to implement sound and extensive cleaning and hygiene routines before during and at the end of each day.

During this time, we are also implementing teachable moments by continuing to teach our children good hygiene practices when toileting, washing hands before and after meals and when using tissues and sneezing and coughing.

Here are some of our tips below to practice safe hygiene methods for your child:

Sing songs with children while they’re washing their hands

Washing their hands is the easiest way for children to prevent spreading germs. Instead of asking them to count to 20, try singing a song! Music has been shown to boost memory, so it’s a great alternative to counting numbers.

The following are just a few suggestions

  • Happy Birthday - every child knows the happy birthday song, so hum this tune twice from beginning to end.
  • Twinkle Twinkle- this tune is the perfect length for washing hands and a common nursery rhyme.
  • The Alphabet Song- many of the children will already be learning the alphabet, so why not sing this very favourite song!

Teach children to clear all surfaces

To avoid germs lingering, wipe over the shared surfaces with an antibacterial wipe. Don’t forget to remind your child to throw away any rubbish and wash hand immediately.

Make cleaning fun!

Cleaning can be a fun task for children. Turn pack-up time in a game you might think of together with your child.

For more ideas to help children learn hygiene practices, or more information on what opportunities there are for your child at our centre, Contact Us at Strathpine Early Learning Centre today.